FEBRUARY 10, 2003




Commissioner Tony Romo, Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg, Associate Director - Larry Brislin, Treasurer - Curt Castagna, ACE Coaching Coordinator - Larry Bruyere, Parliamentarian Ė Orian Southall, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher, Director of Communications - Cindi Palomarez and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Dragons, Red Wings, Lightning, Wave, Bears, Riptide, Coyotes, Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, Jr. Kings, Tigers, Knights, Senators, Panthers, Maple Leafs, Gulls, Sabers, Express, Mariners, and Wolves



Cal Selects, Icemen, Rangers, & Eagles


Commissioner Tony Romo called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.



The minutes were distributed for review.  Valerie Broadhead requested that correction be made to the minutes regarding the last paragraph regarding the Mite tournament.  She was requesting that Tony present this to the CAHA Board for approval.  Lisa England moved to approve minutes with correction.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Tony reported that there were three appeals to be reviewed.  The majority of the appeals were regarding playoff eligibility.  Also an appeal from a South Coast Sabers Coach requesting a revision to the schedule or in lieu of not revising the schedule adding additional teams to the division for the playoffs.  The Executive Board denied all of the requests. 


1st appeal - A player from Sun Devils requesting to be playoff eligible.  Dave Monshaw presented the appeal on behalf of the player who stopped playing for the Wave on 10/26/02.  Joined the Sun Devils in December, release date is based on when signed by new team not when player left first team.  Based on rule 32.05 states that player that moves after 10/31 will not be CAHA A championship eligible.  They were not aware that this also meant that they would not be SCAHA playoff eligible. They joined the team thinking that they could play until the end of the season including playoffs.  Wendy Goldstein brought to the attention of Dave that CAHA playoffs do include SCAHA playoffs.  In addition Curt summarized email previously sent regarding the release of this player. Originally request was for cut so that player could move laterally.  Club would not cut player due to this causing further issues.  Release was requested on 10/27 and offered to grant release once they had a receiving club.  The receiving club was not obtained until several weeks later.  At the time release was given 12/17, there was also a signed letter stating that they understood that their son might not be eligible for playoffs.   


Further discussion followed regarding the rule interpretation.  Tony reminded everyone that the rule was posted in the rulebook as verbatim per the CAHA book to prevent any problems.  


Dave Contis made the motion to deny request for playoff eligibility.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


2nd appeal - Request from San Diego Gulls to waive the six game rules for playoff eligibility.  Player was cut 12/13 from AA team.  Meets all requirements except team only has 5 games left after 12/31.  Larri Woertler stated that she checked the schedule and based on her calculations the Gulls do have 6 games after 12/31.  Schedule was checked and Gulls do have 6 games after 12/31.  Request was withdrawn based on schedule.


3rd appeal - South Coast Saber PeeWee A coach is requesting that revision be made to schedule due to schedule being set up randomly versus wrap around of schedule.  His team is scheduled to play top teams 3 times versus 2 times.  His request is to revise the schedule to move 2 games to even up the schedule or have more teams added to playoffs.  Discussion followed regarding issues with schedule.  There are also other teams in other divisions faced with similar situations.  Valerie Broadhead made the motion to deny request to make change to schedule.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


Tony reported that proposal was being presented for playoffs for semi-finals and finals.  The Long Beach Ice Arena has submitted proposal for the finals.  Games must be held third weekend of playoffs, which will require all preliminary rounds be completed in the 1st weekend.  Most teams will need to play 2 games in 1 day.  Then the following weekend the semi-finals would be held at Lakewood.  All state bound championship games would then be held at the Long Beach Ice Arena the 3rd weekend.  Squirt B & Mites do not go to state championship.  They would play the following weekend 4/04 & 4/05.  Midget A 16U will go to state playoffs.  Norcal will be sending their number 1 Midget B 16U to play.  We will have three team go to finals.  We will need to determine a third place team in the division so that we can host four teams.


Cost of ice $6200 for finals, which works out to approximately $257 per hour, in addition they will give out 1000 tickets for the Ice Dogs game.  As a recap 3/22 & 3/23 will be semi-finals in Lakewood, 3/29 & 3/30 all championship games in Long Beach and 4/05 Squirt B, Mite A, BB & B also Long Beach Ice Arena.  Tony reminded everyone that we donít know if this will be available next year; the dates fell good this year. Larry Bruyere made motion to approve playoffs as presented.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


Tony reported that at the last meeting Valerie requested that he bring up to CAHA about having a Mite state championship.  It was voted at the September CAHA meeting not to do Mites, & Midget 16A & 16B.  It was worked out for the Midgets and a lot of people were trying to accomplish for the Mites.  It was agreed upon that only the Midgets would be facilitated.  It was felt that it wasnít appropriate to change it. 



Sandy reported that at the last meeting she discussed the delinquency letters.  Sandy distributed a sample letter for use.   


Attended the Pacific District meeting and picked up a variety of materials, which were made available to all clubs. Included in the packets was information regarding cross-ice program.  District is seriously pushing the cross-ice program.  Also included within the packets information regarding D&O insurance, development guides for each division regarding age appropriate skill development.  A majority of the earlier part of the meeting had to do with the USA Hockey website.  Free website which is hooked up through the main USA Hockey website.  Able to build own website for free.  They can link up your website if you have your own domain.  400 clubs currently signed on and expect 1,000 by July.  Coaching education program was discussed. 


Motion made for cross-ice was withdrawn.  They did give the affiliates, which includes CAHA a very strong edict to begin to implement some type of program that would begin to deemphasize the competition and some of the current things that are happening with Mites.  Trying to move more towards cross-ice program and also travel restrictions with Squirts.  Believe that they are requiring that by the 2005/2006 season.  Discussion followed regarding the Mite and Squirt situation.  The district is trying to cut down on the travel for these divisions.  Tony stated that he doesnít believe that they are going to mandate these policies, they want to see CAHA put some policy similar into effect, whether itís grandfathered in for current players and new players begin with cross ice.  They just want to see these new programs started.  Willing to offer grant money, which will come from USA Hockey Ė Pacific District.  In addition CAHA is slating some money to start some cross-ice program to build up the Mite program, so you can start the kids and then ease them into travel hockey.  Sandy stated that in the end they asked the affiliates to come back with their proposals for approval within the next few months.  Tony stated that theyíre not saying donít have Mites travel but maybe only have your Mites and Squirts travel once or twice.  Whether or not it goes through will be up to the entire CAHA board. 


From the CAHA meeting Sandy reported that they did relinquish the STOP patch program, so it is now the responsibility of the league to facilitate the STOP patches.  Screening is every five years for screening and abuse.  Need to have a database set-up to ensure that everyone is screened.  Larri Woertler asked if clubs are going to be advised of who needs to be rescreened.  Curt stated that Steve Laing will be putting something on the CAHA website which will show who is currently screened.


Larry Bruyere inquired if the tryout date will be changing.  Sandy stated that it died early, didnít pass.  It did go to a vote.  Tryout dates will remain the same.  About half had previously stated they would like to see the tryouts change if AAA began 1st two weeks of May, 2nd half of May AA, then A & B starting in June.  Some stated that they didnít want it changed at all to give everyone a break.  Curt requested that it be opened up for discussion.  Tony stated that CAHA would not meet again until April and wonít be able to change in April because Ice will be booked for July, unless you think that in April you would be able to get your ice in thirty days and be ready to go for tryouts.  The CAHA vote was taken late in the day people had to leave for flights, it was a 7 to 6 vote.  Discussion followed regarding pros and cons of moving tryout dates.  An informal poll was taken of preference for change in tryout dates.  14 clubs voted May; 8 voted for June or July.  Curt Castagna made the motion to have SCAHA Board make recommendation to CAHA to reevaluate the situation either at April meeting or before to allow May 1st tryouts for Tier I for Tier II tryouts to begin after May 15th and for A&B to start after June 1st.  Ron White seconded the Motion. 


Dave Contis requested that discussion be held prior to the vote.  Dave inquired if you want this to begin this year or start next year.  Dave requested that an amendment be added to the motion to begin the earlier tryout dates for at least a year from now.  Tony requested that the motion be read; Curt stated that he wanted to make a slight amendment to the original motion.  Motion was made to make a recommendation to CAHA that they take a position on this with our vote on or before their April meeting to allow Tier I tryouts to begin after the 2nd Saturday in May, Tier II tryouts to begin 2 weeks following that and A&B tryouts to follow in June.  Dave Contis Motioned to amend the motion to make the change effective 1 year from now.  Curt declined the amendment.  Ron White seconded the Motion.  Request was made to call for the vote.  Dave stated that he could call for discussion prior to the vote.  Bob Doherty stated that he doesnít know if ice will be available, he canít vote without going back to rink to check ice availability.  Tony requested that we defer the vote while we handle other matters.  Curt agreed to defer at this time. 


Sandy reported that from the CAHA meeting that it does appear that CAHA is moving towards taking over scheduling of Tier II hockey in order to accommodate all the teams in state playing 100% of the teams in state. Looks like it will be four round robin weekends to be held throughout the season.  Pam Levin stated that what was voted upon and passed was that CAHA would adopt a format similar to the Southwest Hockey template with 4 weekends throughout the season to accommodate Tier II and probably Tier I depending on how many teams in that division.  If CAHA chooses to provide reduced schedule 10 games, 12 games or none at all depending on what this group wants.  But the only question about the proposal was getting enough ice in Southern California, which appears that this problem has been solved by breaking up divisions.  Proposal was put together based on the assumption of the same amount of teams this year.  It would be difficult to have some of the larger divisions at one facility, because that facility would have to turn away all of their other activities.  The plan is to use a few facilities in the same general vicinity to accommodate a division.  This will start being put into place with the Tier II teams.  Participation is mandatory.  Sandy stated that this would also include penalty review and all those other things.  Question was asked what will happen if a team drops from Tier level.  Tony responded that a decision will need to be made if we will accommodate the drop or let them know that if they do drop that we will not be able to accommodate them, one or the other, we had some teams who wanted to drop this year and we did not accommodate them. 


Sandy reported that Executive Board has conducted over two dozen Match Penalty reviews.



Wendy reported that she is still missing a few rosters.  Some clubs still owe for player fees.  Emails were sent. Also missing Condition of Membership forms.  List of clubs missing were distributed.  Reminder that for President Day tournaments if you have a player not on your team, reminder to do the temporary release.  Did receive STOP patches and will begin sending them out.  Reminder that teams that are going to playoffs to ensure that they have them on and that they are on the right spot.  CAHA will not allow teams into playoffs without patches.   Pam Levin inquired as to credentials for A&B.  Wendy responded that she would do the same, as CAHA is requiring.  Wendy will be reviewing all packages.



Tony reported that Orian would fill in as Ice Convenor for the remainder of the season.  There have been no game changes in the last few days.  Dave Monshaw will take over the position beginning next season.  Will bring before the full board to ratify once Dave is ready to take over.  Reminder to have rink ice convenors book the referees if there is any game changes. 



Annie reported that list of missing score sheets will be going out on Wednesday.  Listing of penalty minutes was distributed through February 22nd.



Cindi nothing to report.



Larry nothing to report.  Larri Woertler inquired as to a coaching code of ethic form.  Ron White stated that there is a code of ethic brochure, but there is not a signature form.



Teri Bain from Bay Harbor stated that they will be appealing CAHAís decision to only award 6 play off berths in the Midget AA16U division.  According to the CAHA guidebook there would be 8 berths awarded based on a 10-team division (9 from SCAHA and 1 one from Norcal.)  Although it is not a SCAHA issue Bay Harbor is asking that SCAHA support their decision to appeal the decision based on the CAHA guidelines in the book.  Tony stated that the team from Norcal is San Jose and they are hosting the Pacific District regional so they are automatically in the Pacific District and they elected not to participate in the State Playoffs.  Discussion followed regarding this as a USA Hockey Pacific District rule.  Pam Levin stated that the support must be in writing and submitted to Ed Tar.  Tony responded that the full board could put in writing to support Bay Harborís appeal and in addition also support the Mariners.  If we want to make the recommendation as a full board we can do that and draft a letter and send as a resolution by the SCAHA Board of Directors that we think itís appropriate for them to participate.  Larry Bruyere made the Motion that this Board support Bay Harbor and the Mariners to be eligible to go to the playoffs.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


Bob Levin requested that each club submit to him a listing of ACE Coaching Coordinator information for each club.  Need to send name, address, phone number, email and club name to, put in email subject ACE Coordinator.  Information will be passed onto USA Hockey.


March 22nd you should know which teams are in your A&B SCAHA playoffs, trying to put together a program for the State Championships A&B.  Carmen or Bob will be contacting teams for roster & picture information; do not wait until the 29th.  Ron White suggested that we require anyone going into semi-finals submit the information.  Will know who is going into the semis the weekend of the 15th.  It was suggested that Bob email all the Presidents to forward request to Team Managers.



Curt reported that we currently have a balance sheet showing $236,000 of assets in the three bank accounts.  The profit and loss is showing a net income of $34,000 but we still have $32,000 of expenses for this season. That will bring us into the end of the season if everything goes right around $205,000 in the account.  Last month it was reported that discussions should be done of how best to reinvest into the league.  The reconciliation is ongoing of the four accounts, which were remaining from the Jr. Kings program.  Currently being completed should be done probably next month.  Doesnít have all the details from the Accountant to give out at this time, but are currently trying to reconcile the monies that were in those accounts that were not on the SCAHA tax returns for the past 3 or 4 seasons.  Those monies will have to be reconciled so those tax returns can be completed.  More information will be available next month.  Pam Levin asked what the cost would be for SCAHA playoffs.  Tony responded $1,000 for each team, guaranteed 3 games.  Bob Levin stated that CAHA would be $1050 for A&B. 


Curt distributed an idea for a resolution for review.  The resolution is a proposal for returning monies to SCAHA member clubs from 1997 to 2002 period and establishes a point structure.  Discussion followed regarding the proposal.  There is concern that we are faced with a situation with the IRS where we are going to have to evaluate any penalties we may have with the funds that werenít accounted for in the four former accounts.  Weíre not sure where we stand with that right now.  Dave Monshaw inquired if it would be possible that we could end up negative with the IRS penalties and fines.  Curt responded that we have currently spent $9,200 of the $10,000 for the reconciliation to date.  This doesnít include penalties or fines, which we will try to appeal.  To save money we have used a bookkeeper to reconcile versus using the accountant.  The process is almost completed, and then it will be a matter of going to the IRS and appealing to them over the last 4 years.  We wonít be able to amend the tax returns, so we are going to have to go back and explain the situation.  Valerie Broadhead stated that we should wait until later in the year until the IRS ruling has been received. It was suggested that the monies be returned to the clubs as an overpayment prior to the IRS penalties being levied.  Larry Bruyere made the Motion to have each club take back to their membership and revisit the proposal for March vote.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED


Curt requested an amendment be made to his earlier motion regarding tryouts.  Motion to make recommendation to the CAHA State Affiliate that they reevaluate the tryouts for CAHA for AAA to begin the 2nd Saturday in May, AA the 3rd Saturday in May and A&B after Memorial Weekend for this Board to take a vote by email in one week so all clubs can go back to your respective organizations and check your ice availability with your rinks and then to suggest to CAHA to take a vote in 2 weeks following that email to decide on the state level on what their vote might be. 


Dave Contis requested to make a competing motion, would agree with same motion on same dates except would like to see this effective for the 2004/2005 season.  Requested for 2nd.  It was stated that a second would be needed to Curtís motion prior to Daveís motion.  Teri Bain seconded Curtís motion.  Dave stated that he wanted to put in a second motion, which would be the same as Curtís with the exception that it would be effective with the 2004 season.  If there is a second would like that motion to go next and then have a vote on that.  If we find that itís 14-3, 14-4, Dave would withdraw the motion and think he could still filibuster.  The reason for this is if the vote is 13-12 maybe Curt would reconsider and give a year.  If the vote stays 14-8 then Dave would like a recess for a few minutes to speak with the 8 clubs.  Raoul Smyth 2nd Dave Contis motion.  Vote was conducted on Dave Contis motion:  Approve Ė 6, Oppose Ė 14, Abstain -2.  MOTION FAILED.


Dave requested 5 minutes recess to discuss motion amongst the clubs.  Dave Contis stated that during the recess it was agreed with Curt that he table his motion and go back to CAHA and find out if they will agree to make the change and then come back to the board for another vote at the next meeting, which will give clubs time to go back and see if ice is available.  Further discussion followed regarding the vote.  Curt stated that he doesnít have a problem going forward with sending a note to CAHA asking them to reevaluate based on a straw poll that was taken tonight and they could take a full vote of the CAHA Board and make a decision consistent with this motion. 



Valerie Broadhead requested that SCAHA assist and support a Festival of Championships for the Mites.  Tony replied that he is for it; we just cannot call it a State Championship.  It would be a second tournament for the Mites.  Bob Levin inquired if there was a problem with the Board if he could get the ice at the State A tournament he would invite 2 Mite A & Mite BB to play one game for an unofficial state championship.  Valerie Broadhead made the Motion to have the Mite Festival of Championships in conjunction with State A Championships. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED


Rick Kent made the Motion to include Mite B in the Festival of Championship tournament.  Discussion followed that normally Mite B is not included in State Championship.  No 2nd to the motion Ė Motion withdrawn.


Next meeting is March 12th in Lakewood.


Meeting adjourned 10:15 pm.