JUNE 9, 2004





Commissioner – Bob Doherty, Deputy Commissioner - Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Curt Castagna, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Director of Communications – Cindi Palomarez, Ace Coaching Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Director – Larry Brislin, Parliamentarian – Dave Contis, Ice Convenor – Chris Carcerano, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Dragons, Red Wings, Lightning, Bears, Stars, Wave, Sun Devils, Wild, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, LA Hockey, Jr. Kings, Eagles, Gulls, Sabers, Express, Wolves



Riptide, Knights/Team One, Tigers, Maple Leafs, Mariners, & Blackhawks


Commissioner Bob Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.


Bob confirmed that there were sufficient voting club representatives present to make a quorum.



The May minutes were distributed for review.  Lou Pacella moved to approved minutes.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.




Bob requested Volunteers to form small committee to work on the Carmen Starr endowment discussed at last month’s meeting.  Larri Woertler, Curt Castagna & Rosemary Voulelikas volunteered for the committee.


Bob reported that the Midget division has added six months players born 1/01/86 – 6/30/86 are now eligible to play this year.  Division will now be Midget 18U.  Midget will still be classified as one division and players will not need player up forms within the Midget division same as USA Hockey. As a reminder if a Tier 16U play an 18U team the game will only count for the 16U team for their record of performance.  In addition if an 18U teams play a Junior team, the Junior team must play youth rules. 


Bob reminded everyone that Tier II teams will stay in SCAHA and SCAHA will schedule 1 game for the Tier II teams, will require SCAHA dues same as last year.  Also potential if Norcal ask us to schedule a SCAHA weekend we will entertain that at a later date.  Would like to receive team declarations as soon as they possibly can to help out with the scheduling.


Larry Cahn stated that he felt that there were four concerns this year with Tier II teams:  Ice Contracting; Schedule notification; Southwest Hockey & request to play non-scaha teams.  Suggestion was also made to have declarations due by 6/30 so that schedule can be released by 7/15.  Bob responded that would like to have schedule out by 7/30 but must have declarations in early in order to accomplish.  There was also a reminder that any exhibition games played prior to 9/01 will not count toward record of performance.   Further discussion followed regarding submittal of declarations as early as possible.  Larry Cahn moved to have final declarations in by 6/30/04 for Tier II teams and have schedule put out and posted by 7/15/04.  Lou Pacella seconded motion.  Discussion followed.  Larry made amendment to motion that schedule will be posted by 7/19/04.  AMENDED MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


Larry Cahn moved that SCAHA Tier II schedule will work around the SouthWest Youth Hockey League schedule.  Larry Woertler seconded motion.  MOTION FAILED.


Larry Cahn moved to get rid of form – Request to Play Non-SCAHA teams for Tier II teams.  Tim Rhodda seconded motion.  Discussion followed regarding reason for form.  Sandy suggested that clubs submit the score sheets.  Bob also replied that need to have notification of game.  Larry made amendment to motion that Request to play non-scaha games be eliminated and changed to game notification form.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  





Sandy reported that rules changes have been reformatted; entire spectator rule has been rewritten and cleaned up.  Request was made that small change be made to rule 34.20 regarding coach or off ice official intoxication or use of alcohol on bench, would like to modify rule to add parents.  Lou Pacella moved to add Player & Parents to rule 34.20.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


Sandy reminded everyone to be tracking PDR during tryouts.  Tigers will not count as PDR for any club.  Will be asking in September, which players are PDR on roster.  Bob reminded everyone that SCAHA does not have jurisdiction over CAHA for PDR. 



Curt reported that Fiscal Year ended 6/30/04 balance sheet $169,157.  16% less this year than last year.  This is due to decrease in membership fees and cost of SCAHA pre-camp.  Currently working on budget to bring forth next month.  Tax returns will be completed at end of fiscal year.  Needs to know how much to put in budget for scholarships and endowments.  Last year was $4,000 in player endowments and $11,000 in scholarships.  Preliminary budget will be based on current membership numbers.  Let Chris know once teams are full.  Suggest chairpersons for SCAHA playoffs to work on budget for playoffs.  Formal letter has been received from Healthsouth for hosting SCAHA playoffs.  Will review further and respond.  Bob Driffel volunteered to assist with investments from SCAHA.



Wendy reported that the mandatory Registrar training will be held on 6/26/04 from 9-11 am at Skate Zone in Huntington Beach.  Turi Daniels from USA Hockey will be running the training session.  CAHA & SCAHA training will be in August.  USA Hockey has changed insurance carriers effective 6/01/04.  For any injuries after 6/01 contact 800-237-2917, extension 5623.  Reminder to have coaches sign LOI’s, condition of membership on reverse of LOI.  USA Hockey no longer requires social security numbers on registration forms.  53 more names have been removed from delinquency list, down to 92 names.



Chris reported emails were sent out yesterday regarding declarations.  Currently working on detailed season schedule.  Have evaluated 5 or 6 software packages, unable to find one that meets our requirements.  Has written own software package, which will probably make 90% percent of schedule, balance will be done by hand. As a reminder if there are conflicts with schedule Presidents will need to work out and then let Chris know. 



No report this month. 



Cindi reminded everyone to update her on current club openings.  Updated scholarship form has been posted on website.  Still working on proposal for 30th anniversary.  If anyone has ideas, please let Cindi know.  Also as a reminder need to have money budgeted for PR activities.  Mighty Ducks are offering to do SCAHA night.  Also suggestion has been made to pay for dasher board advertising at roller rinks and little league fields and distribute flyers at schools.  Scholarship deadline is 10/01/04.



Larry reported that the Initiation, Associates & Intermediate coaching clinic dates will be coming.  Certificates that were issued in 2001 & 2002 Intermediate and below go online to renew or go to local clinic.  Advanced clinic will be 8/26 – 8/28 in Reno.  Each club needs to submit Ace Coaching Coordinator contact information to Larry’s email address



Larry Brislin reported that it appears that a lot of clubs have lowered their dues for their Mite and Squirt players.  Maybe now need to look at Learn to Skate program.  Further Mite B discussion followed. 



Bob reported that the board has located a new meeting place and thanked Glacial Gardens for use of their facility.  The new location will be the activity room at Lakewood Mall.  Map and directions would be forwarded to all Board Members. 


Kevin Culbertson brought forth discussion of issue of bigger clubs having more than 2 teams in a division, while smaller clubs are struggling to field one team in some divisions.  Bob reported that this was also discussed during the Executive Board meeting, too late for this season.  Need to discuss further for next season, maybe put limitations on multiple teams in divisions.  Suggestion was made to have clubs announce how many teams they will be fielding prior to tryouts.


Sandy reported that she has received zero tolerance posters for each club, which will be distributed at next month meeting.  Also reminded everyone that LOI’s need to be submitted within 7 days of signing, some clubs have not turned in any LOI’s.  Reminder that the LOI’s serves two purposes, all coaches and players must sign, the condition of membership in on the reverse side.  Make sure all information is complete, i.e., email, phone, etc.


Request was made to have players wear dark jerseys for home games and light for away, same as NHL players. Bob requested that discussion be tabled until next meeting.


Next meeting is June 14th.


Meeting adjourned 9:20 pm.