Commissioner – Bob Doherty,  Deputy Commissioner - Sandy Blumberg, Parliamentarian - Dave Contis, Treasurer – Curt Castagna, Director – Larry Brislin, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Dragons, Red Wings, Lightning, Bears, Stars, Wave, Riptide, Sun Devils, Wild, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, LA Hockey, Jr. Kings, Gulls, Sabers, Mariners, Wolves & Blackhawks



Tigers, Eagles, Maple Leafs & Express



Joel Henderson - San Diego Ice Arena


Commissioner Bob Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.



Bob introduced Joel Henderson of San Diego Ice Arena.  Currently have an in-house program and tournament teams.  Want to become a part of SCAHA.  Bob reminded everyone that if they are voted in as a member club, that they would not be eligible to play this year.  It is past the application date to become a part of the league this year.  Discussion followed regarding adding SDIA to the league.  Vote was tabled until next month meeting.



The August minutes were distributed for review.  Laura Ryan moved to approve minutes.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Bob reviewed Youth Council meeting.  Per CAHA rules a player that has already signed with a Tier II team and requests a release to move to a different division Tier II team, that it is considered a lateral move and not a player-up.  If the player has not signed with a team, then it is considered a player-up.  Movement within tier is a lateral move.



Sandy reminded everyone that concerns have arisen over the last few weeks regarding recruitment of players.  Club Presidents are to remind coaches that recruitment is not allowed.  Reminder that all LOI’s are to be submitted to Wendy within 7 days of signing, along with any player-up forms that may be needed.  Wendy asked Bob to remind everyone that any player up form not submitted and the player is playing the games will be forfeited.  Sandy also stated that if a player requests a tryout release to tryout with another team, there is not such a release form.  Either prepare a letter or send an email to club registrar stating okay to tryout with team.  If player is to play in a tournament, then you will need to use the temporary release form.  If a full all out release, make sure that you go through the financial end before you begin the paperwork. 



Curt reviewed current financial information and monies received by clubs to date.  Taxes are in process of being completed. 



Bob reported that there have been a few problems with a few players signing two LOI’s.  Wendy is addressing the matter with the appropriate clubs and families.  Stop patches are on order and should arrive within one week. Player-up forms that have been approved are in the mail.  Players are not allowed to play up without a submitted player up form.  AA forms will be signed at the CAHA meeting on 9/18/04.  Reminder to make sure coaches have the appropriate level for team they are coaching.  All coaches must be certified by 12/31/04.



Bob reminded everyone that only Club President and Ice Conveners are to contact Chris regarding scheduling issues.  Chris will not answer emails or requests from anyone other than Club President or Club Ice Convener.


Chris reported that the preseason schedule has been released – has received over 800 emails to date.  Most complaints regarding the schedule are related to double header games, travel distance with double header games and girls hockey.  Bob requested that if at this time you think you may have a team change levels go ahead and let Chris know.  Final declarations are due no later than 9/20/04.    


Question was asked whether there was going to be BB divisions.  Discussion followed regarding number of teams in each division.  Club Presidents are to send Chris an email with a copy to Bob stating if they would like to see BB division and at what levels.


Chris reiterated that biggest issue with schedule relates to time slots.  Norcal clubs submits 30% more ice slots, which give room to work with. 


Bob reminded everyone that currently working with Norcal to work out CAHA Tier II schedule.  As a reminder the games will be mandatory. 



Position still open.  Nothing new to report this month.



Bob reported that the Level I, II and III clinics will be held in Valencia September 18th.  Register online at  Also still some room available in the Level III clinic in Lakewood on September 25th.  Coaches certified 00-01 must renew their certifications.  Many clubs have still not sent in their ACE Coaching Coordinator information to Larry.  Each club must email Larry with the information to



Sandy reminded everyone to remind coaches regarding outstanding suspension list.  In addition, make copy of rule 17.06 and forward to all team managers to remind parents of new rule.  Discussion followed regarding new rule, score sheet will not be release to team manager until ejected parents name is listed on the score sheet.  In addition make sure dispute resolution due process is followed.  Each club needs to have two levels of dispute resolution.  1st level should be Club President and Executive Committee and 2nd level should be formal board process.



Annie reminded everyone that outstanding suspensions need to be served.  Will be posted on sportability once sportability is set-up.



Bob reported that only half as many scholarship applications have been received as last year.  Lori stated that the original deadline date was 9/01/04 with distribution date of 9/15/04; second deadline was 10/01/04 with distribution date of 10/15/04.  Will now be changing to new deadline of 10/01/04 with distribution date of 11/15/04.  As a reminder anyone who pays SCAHA dues is eligible to apply for scholarship that includes the girls’ teams.  Application is available on SCAHA website.


The new LAHOA contract has been approved with minor clarifications.  Copy has been sent to all club presidents.  A&B SCAHA Championship games will be held at Healthsouth.  Currently working on minor details.



Bob reminded everyone that Block Recruitment cannot be waived by President to President, must be waived via SCAHA.  If no issues pending with other clubs around then it can be waived by SCAHA.  If there are issues with the request then it may be denied.   



Next meeting is October 13th.


Meeting adjourned 8:55 pm.