JUNE 8, 2005




Commissioner – Robert Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Ace Coaching Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Financial Secretary – Laurie Boaz, Associate Director – Rosemary Voulelikas, Associate Director at Large– Charlie Knotts, Legal Counsel – Louis Pacella, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Statistician – Annie Fisher.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, Channel Island Riptide, Huntington Beach Sun Devils, LA Hockey Club, LA Jr. Kings, La Jolla Jaguars, Jr. Ice Dogs, Pasadena Maple Leafs, South Coast Sabers, West Valley Wolves, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.



Bakersfield Dragons, Bay Harbor Red Wings, California Wave, Inland Valley Wild, North Valley Tigers, Ontario Eagles, and San Diego Gulls.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.


It was determined that sixteen (16) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The March and April meeting minutes were distributed for review. Larri W. motioned to approve the 3-9-05 minutes Lisa England seconded. MOTION PASSED.  Laurie Boaz noted that the 4-13-05 minutes should be corrected to reflect she was present as well as Larry Bruyere. Larri W. motioned to accept the 4-13-05 minutes as amended and Vicki Cox seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Bob introduced Joel Henderson, president of San Diego Ice Arena, who is petitioning SCAHA for membership again. Bob stated that the membership package presented by SDIA was well prepared and met the requirements. Joel prefaced his introduction by stating for the record that he was not aware of CAHA’s correspondence with SCAHA regarding their previous membership application but did state that his original request to CAHA was for permission to register a Peewee Tier II team for the upcoming 2005-2006 season. Joel stated to the board that his in-house players on the SQB, SQA and PWA Tournament Teams had a strong desire for SDIA to petition for membership in SCAHA. He currently has anywhere from 150-200 players in his in-house program.


Larry Cahn asked if Joel was aware of one of his coaches recruiting players at the club tryouts last year. Joel stated that all he was aware of was one email exchange between one coach and one Gulls player for a tournament team. Larry stated that there were emails sent to all of the players not just one.


Larry Bruyere asked for proof of Larry Cahn’s allegations or if it is hearsay. He stated that the allegation regarding last season’s recruitment issue would not bar SDIA from entering the league.


Larri W. asked if SCAHA had verified whether these 150-200 in-house players appeared on duplicate SCAHA member clubs’ USA rosters. Wendy answered that she had not done so. Larri asked since SCAHA is not able to indicate whether these players would be truly ‘new’ to SCAHA if the vote for SDIA membership could be tabled for the next board meeting. Wendy informed the board that she had with her all the USA Hockey rosters of the SCAHA clubs and that she would verify them immediately and would report back. Joel stated that his decision on buying ice for the upcoming season would depend on the outcome of the board’s decision.


Larry Cahn asked the board to consider whether SDIA membership was really expansion or dilution. Bob Doherty informed the board that SCAHA IS about expansion – promoting youth hockey in Southern California and protecting its existing member clubs from dilution. Wendy reported that she did not see any significant duplication of names. Bob asked, “Why wouldn’t we accept these 150-200 new players to SCAHA. Larri W. motioned for a vote on including SDIA as a member of SCAHA. Dave B. seconded. 12 voted in favor and four (4) voted no. The MOTION CARRIED.


Bob stated that SDIA as per the bylaws would not be included in the SCAHA schedule.



Rules Committee:

Sandy informed the board that only rules were looked at for this year and bylaw changes would be looked at the following year. Larri W. stated she had sent in a request for a bylaw change. Bob informed Larri that SCAHA requires a 30-day advance notice. Larri referred to rule 15.03 that states “Proposed Bylaw changes may be made at any time during the year…” Sandy gave her apologies to the board and stated she would work on the bylaw changes prior to the start of the season if so directed by the board. Bob suggested we table the Rules Committee recommendation presentation until after LAHOA’s presentation.



Bob presented James Parker, president of LAHOA to the board of directors. LAHOA is proposing a new contract with SCAHA. In summary, the new contract is requesting the following:

·         $1 per game increase for linesmen and referees,

·         A $25 travel allowance fee for officials who travel more than 25 miles one-way

·         Increased scheduling fee of $3

·         Proposal of a centralized schedule


James also stated that there would not be any additional increases for games going to 15-minute stop periods as opposed to 12-minute stop time for PeeWee and above levels.


Bob stated that SCAHA would like to implement the handshake before the start of a game as opposed to the end of a game. This is done in most Canadian hockey leagues and in Michigan. James added that at the end of a game there are always many issues to contend with. Larri W. motioned to move the handshake to before the game and Kevin Culbertson seconded. Nine (9) voted in favor, seven (7) voted no. MOTION PASSED.


Bob stated the LAHOA vote for a new contract would be sent by email. The presidents will need to respond before the end of July to James before LAHOA’s annual meeting.



Ratification for New Executive Board members:

Bob informed the board of the following SCAHA Executive member changes, (all other staff positions remained unchanged):

·         Larry Brislin resigned from the Wild and the SCAHA Executive Committee

·         Dave Contis resigned from the SCAHA Executive Committee, but will remain as an advisor

·         Curt Castagna - Associate Director

·         Bob Driffil – new Financial Treasurer

·         Rosemary Voulelikas – new Secretary


Lisa England motioned to approve the new appointments Rod Gunn seconded. MOTION PASSED.

Bob stated that there was one opening for an Associate Director and anyone interested should send him an email.


Topics for CAHA

Bob asked the board if there were any issues they would like for him to present to the CAHA Youth Committee. The issue of clubs merging with the result of a club becoming inactive within SCAHA must be addressed, possibly through our bylaws.  If CAHA reactivates an inactive club’s CAHA number, this does not imply they are automatic members of SCAHA. SCAHA will still require these clubs to submit for new membership.


Formation of SCAHA Committees

Bob informed the board that this year SCAHA would be seeking individuals to chair/work on various committees. SCAHA’s goal is to get as many of the presidents involve as possible. Some committees that will need more volunteers are:

·         Playoff Committee

·         Playoff Tournament Brochure

·         SCAHA Select Camp



No report at this time. Bob informed the presidents that a motion is needed to have an audit done of the finances and for the cost not to exceed $3,500. Lisa England motioned to have an independent audit performed and also a review of procedures of the SCAHA financials at the end of the fiscal year and for said audit not to exceed $3, 500 in cost. Larri W. seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Rosemary V. stated that Healthsouth is considering donating the ice for the SCAHA Championship Games again for the upcoming 2005-2006 season.



Wendy Goldstein distributed a coach’s list with names of coaches who had not met their coaching credential minimum requirement of last season.



No report at this time. Bob stated that it is imperative that all member clubs adhere to the team declaration dates in order to facilitate the distribution of the game-playing schedule in a timely manner.



Annie Fisher distributed the statistic books to those clubs that had pre-paid. She indicated that the season carry-over suspensions would be emailed to the club presidents in the following week.



No report at this time.



Larry Bruyere informed the board of the upcoming July Coaching certification clinic.



Exhibition teams for Next season:

Topic tabled for next meeting.



Carmen Starr Scholarship:

LeAnn Doherty reported only three applications received to date.


Rules Committee Recommendations:

Section 17 – General

Larri W. motioned to accept section 17 with the following amendment to article 17.04 and Vicki Cox seconded:

·         17.04 The recruiting of players shall result in immediate suspension of the offender, the team and/or club pending review. 13 in favor three (3) abstentions. MOTION PASSED.


Section 18 – Tryouts

Larri W. motioned to accept section 18 and Kevin C. seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 19 – Registration Requirements for Players

Larri W. motioned to accept section 19 and Lisa England seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 20 – Registration Requirements for Teams

Rod Gunn motioned to accept section 20 and Lisa England seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 21 – Declarations

Lisa motioned to accept section 21 and Kevin C. seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 22 – Team Eligibility

Larri W. motioned to accept section 22 and Rod Gunn seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 23 – Playing Rules

Lisa motioned to accept section 23 and Kevin seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 24 – Coaches

Discussion followed regarding the penalty for coaches who are on the bench and are not eligible to coach after 12/31/05. Dave M. motioned that all games where a coach who is on the bench and not eligible to coach after 12/31/05 and who has not submitted prior notification will be forfeited. 14 voted in favor one (1) abstained. MOTION PASSED

Larri motioned to accept section 24 as amended and Vicki seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 25 – Referees and Minor Officials

Larri motioned to accept section 25 and Lisa seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 26 – SCAHA Games

Discussion followed regarding keeping article 26.18 as written.

Larri motioned to accept section 26 and Vicki seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 27 – Protests and Defaults

Larri motioned to accept section 27 and Lisa seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 28 – Player Movement

Larri motioned to accept section 28 and Lisa seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 29 – Permanent Player Releases

“…if the home club fails to respond within 7 business days or 14 days for final disposition as outlined in 29.03…”

Larri motioned to accept section 29 as amended and Dave seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 30 – Temporary Releases

Vicki motioned to accept section 30 and Bridget H. seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 31 – Tournament and Exhibition Games

Larri motioned to accept section 31 and Dave seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 32 – Post Season Eligibility

Lisa motioned to accept section 32 and Vicki seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 33 – Regular Season Championship

Rod motioned to accept section 33 and Larri seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 34 – Playoffs

Rod motioned to accept section 34 and Larri seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Section 35 – Suspensions

Larri motioned to accept section 35 and Vicki seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Lisa motioned to adjourn the meeting and Vicki seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Next meeting is July 13th, 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 10:03 pm.