January 11, 2006




Commissioner – Bob Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Referee-in-Chief – Larry Bruyere, Legal Counsel – Louis Pacella, Secretary – Rosemary Voulelikas, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Director –Laurie Boaz, Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Associate Director –Tim Fahringer.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Bakersfield Dragons, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, Inland Valley Wild, LA Hockey Club, La Jolla Jaguars, LA Jr. Kings, Ontario Eagles, San Diego Gulls, South Coast Sabers, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners and West Valley Wolves.



California Wave, Channel Island Riptide, Huntington Beach Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, Pasadena Maple Leafs, San Diego Ice Arena and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


It was determined that thirteen (12) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The November meeting minutes were distributed for review. Chris Carcerano stated that the minutes should be corrected to reflect that the Anaheim Jr. Ducks were in attendance. Tim Fahringer added that under Old Business – SCAHA Pre-select Camp paragraph, Easton was misspelled.  Paula Frankel motioned to accept the minutes as amended and Laura Ryan seconded.  Eleven voted in favor and one (1) abstained. MOTION PASSED.



Robert Doherty stated that questions were raised regarding USA Hockey’s coverage of Directors and Officers insurance (D & O coverage). Bob informed the board that coverage is now automatic and paid by a portion of the individual USA Hockey membership fee. To see a list of the coverages go to and click on “inside USA Hockey” and “insurance and risk management.”


Bob read from an email he received from Jerry Wilhite regarding the Crowchild tournament teams’ invitation to participate in a tournament in Calgary, Canada over the Easter weekend.  Jerry is looking for support from SCAHA similar to last years when 16 different clubs were represented on the team. The age levels are one Squirt aged team and one Peewee aged team. The players would wear a Socal-hockey jersey with the SCAHA patch and an embroidered club patch on the sleeve (if approved by the club). Tryouts for the teams will be the weekend of the 4th of February and temporary releases will be required from the players.


Bob read from another email he received from Jerry Wilhite regarding a good deed during a Christmas Tournament. Jerry commended the actions of the PW A Stars coach Steve Corbett, a doctor, who upon learning of an injured player in another game left his game bench to assist the player until the paramedics arrived. He put the welfare of a child ahead of winning a game, which is highly commendable.


Election of SCAHA Officials for the 2006-2007 Season:

Bob informed the board that nominations for elected officers (Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner) would be made at the February meeting of the Board of Directors followed by elections in March as per the SCAHA bylaws. Bob recommends to all those interested to contact the person currently holding the position to get information of what is exactly involved. In addition, Bob informed the board that both he and Sandy would be seeking reelection.




Las Vegas Report- Memo from Bobby Burns:

Bob read a proposal by Bobby Burns that was originally distributed to the SCAHA club presidents’ via email on 12/30/05. The proposal involved scheduling selected SCAHA games in Vegas and combining them with games with Las Vegas teams in addition to the SCAHA scheduled exhibition games played at Riverside. Lisa England asked if LAHOA would be involved. Sandy answered only here in Socal. Some discussion followed and it was decided to table this for the summer to give the board more time to explore the options and discuss it with their clubs.


Playoff Committee Volunteers:

Bob stated that at each venue site the SCAHA Playoff committee would need to know who the host would be, whether it will be the club or the rink. In addition, he will need a list of names of those who will be responsible at each site as the go-to person. Laura Ryan informed Bob that Larry Cahn and herself would be the parties responsible at the Escondido venue for the Semis.



Sandy Blumberg informed the board that the next round of the Disciplinary Review Committee hearings is scheduled for January 19th. They will be reviewing anywhere from five to ten hearings. Sandy stated that some of the teams are approaching the penalty threshold for penalty minutes for their level and the team head coaches will be invited to a hearing as well as the top penalty minutes players. At this time there are three (3) teams that have reached or who are close to reaching their threshold. Sandy reminded the board that the penalty minute threshold for Mites and Squirts is 275 minutes and for all other age divisions 400 minutes.


Sandy informed the board that she was asked to assist in chairing the CAHA A/B Tournaments. She is asking for volunteers to assist her. All those interested are to email Sandy.



Annie stated that everyone should be receiving their up to date game suspension reports and she will be emailing everyone their up to date penalty minutes for their teams/clubs. Currently there are three (3) teams that have exceeded 350 penalty minutes and the rest are below 300 minutes.


Annie informed the board that she has not been receiving the game summary reports this past weekend and it may be in part due to her computer. She suggested that managers copy the game summary report directly into the email if they are not receiving confirmation that their summary was sent and received by Annie. Chris Carcerano stated that it was probably related to a spam filter.


Annie also informed the board she will be emailing and requesting the teams once the playoff spots have been to send their team picture for the playoff program.



Chris Carcerano opened the discussion regarding the 17 game season schedule for odd numbered divisions where historically only 16 games count and how some teams/divisions fall short of that due to playing the exhibition teams (e.g. Cal Selects) multiple times.  Some suggestions that were discussed proposed adding 4 to 5 games to those teams so that they end up playing a total of 16 games. An exception to this would be the Peewee B division where 15 games would count towards the standings. In the past, for those odd numbered divisions, a number representing the SCAHA weekends would be randomly drawn from a hat and that weekend of play would be thrown out for all the teams in that division. It was felt that adding a game might skew the entire division and most were in agreement to leave the process as is- having 16 games count towards the standings.


Bob Doherty asked what the status of the schedule was. Chris reported that the following games would be scheduled by SCAHA if he does not receive consensus from both teams regarding a date, time and venue by the deadline of January 14, 2006. Following games still need to be played:

Midget A18 Division:

·         #2894 Sabers 2 vs Jr. Kings                          #2897 Cal Selects U19 vs Mariners

·         #2898 Sabers 1 vs Bears                              #2907 Jr. Kings vs Wolves


Midget A16U Division:

·         #2719 Express vs Mariners 2                        #2728 Cal selects U16 vs Lightning

·         #2731 Mariners 2 vs Sabers

Chris reiterated that the clubs have about a week to determine the game date, time and location. He also stated that it could also be played at the away rink.


The CAHA Select Camp is the weekend of January 28th to 29th and Chris informed the board that SCAHA will reschedule games during that weekend for the Bantam A through to the Midget A divisions for those teams whose players will be attending the camp and who request rescheduling.


Kevin C. asked for clarification regarding the April camp. Bob Doherty referred to Ed Tar’s email stating that players must attend the CAHA camp in order to advance to the District select Camp in April. Players will no longer be allowed to skip the CAHA camp for any reason.



Wendy distributed a “Coaches Issues” handout to the respective clubs. She explained the handout stating that unless she received the missing information/paperwork ASAP, coaches with outstanding certification issues would be removed from the rosters.


Wendy stated she would have the SCAHA patches for the New to SCAHA players to distribute at the next board meeting as well as information regarding credentials for playoffs and outstanding SCAHA fees.



Bob Doherty introduced Lesley Reiart, Client development of Cardinal Sports Management Inc. who gave a presentation regarding their “Pointstreak” product. It is an online system that is able to produce a multitude of reports from player stats, SAT scores, academics of players, real time game statistics, track suspensions, provide referee payroll reports, etc. It can be customized to suit your leagues specific needs. It is a leased based system and the cost is terminal based or laptop based calculated on a per player basis. In addition, advertising is also available online through their web site. Many of the leagues out east are using Pointstreak whether to manager their adult leagues or to schedule tournaments and produce real time game statistics eliminating the need for paper scoresheets. Very little is required regarding installation. It can be installed through network at facility either wireless or hardware. Their phone number is 416-204-9525 and their email address is Their web site is



No report at this time.



No report at this time.



CAHA Board Meeting- Tryout Dates:

It was determined that all of the presidents were in favor of petitioning CAHA to move the tryout dates to the following: Tier I Tryouts– 3rd Friday in June, Tier II Tryouts- 4th Friday in June and A/B Tryouts- 1st Friday in July. Kevin C. motioned to accept the above and Paula F. seconded. All voted in favor. MOTION PASSED.


SCAHA Playoffs:

Tony Romo, SCAHA Tournament Playoff Chair, informed the board he would be sending out the agreements to the host venues for signing. He stated that a couple of the schedules were set but were not ready for distribution. They will be posted on the website soon. SCAHA will have proprietorship of the merchandising and logo. At the Semis and finals, SCAHA will be contracting the videographer and photographer. Tony distributed Hockey Giant discount cards to the clubs stating should they need more to please email him.




Bob Doherty read the Jan. 9th letter from the IRS that reassessed their claim against us to $0. SCAHA had contested the original assessment of $5,500.00.


SCAHA Pre-Select Camp:

Bob reported that this year’s Select camp was rather unique in that they followed Ron White’s suggestion of holding it on one day. At the end of the day, they had representation from 16 different clubs helping. Tim F. thanked Bob Doherty, Frank Salcido, Nelson Emerson, Bridget H., Paul Musico, and Bill Bebee who helped out and gave internal support. Bob gave many thanks to Kings/Ducks personnel who were on hand to help as well as Therese Phillips, CAHA Tier II commissioner for all her help. He thanked Alex from Riverside and Ron White from Lakewood and finally Tim and LeAnn for an outstanding effort and successful SCAHA Pre-Select Camp.


SCAHA Marketing:

Bob informed the board of the Kings meeting. The LA Kings representatives present were Jim Fox, Daryl Evans, Carola Ross, Chris McGowan and James Cefaly. Area Youth representatives included members of SCAHA, CAHA and USA Hockey. One of the topics that they discussed was a floor hockey program in the schools. The next meeting is tentatively set for January 26, 2006. All those interested in attending are to send an email to Bob.



Annie reported she had a lot of forfeited games to assess and forfeit invoices will be sent to the clubs in question. If clubs refuse to pay, they will be placed on probation and not qualify for playoffs.


Sandy reminded the presidents that this year is a Bylaw rule change year. Bylaw rule proposal should be forwarded to Sandy. She will be forming the committee and having meetings, etc. The goal is to present the Bylaw rule change proposals at the annual meeting held in March.


Next meeting is February 9th, 2006.


Meeting adjourned at 10:13 PM.  Motion to adjourn by Jim Carroll and seconded by Laura Ryan. MOTION PASSED.