October 11, 2006




Commissioner – Robert Doherty, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, ACE Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein and Associate Director –Tim Fahringer.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Anaheim Wildcats, Artesia Avalanche, Bakersfield Dragons, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, Inland Valley Wild, Jr. Ice Dogs, LA Hockey Club, La Jolla Jaguars, LA Jr. Kings, Ontario Eagles, Pasadena Maple Leafs, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Diego Ice Arena, San Diego Saints, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners, West Valley Wolves and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.




California Wave, Channel Island Riptide, and Huntington Beach Sun Devils (Cal Selects).


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


It was determined that sixteen (16) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The September 13th meeting minutes were distributed for review. Laura Ryan motioned to accept the minutes. Tom West seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Robert Doherty reminded the presidents of the USA Hockey screening program. If a coach was not screened by September 30 he or she can not coach until he/she appears on the compliance list. Any violations will be brought to the SCAHA disciplinary committee.


Robert Doherty informed the board of the status of the season with regards to the “New Standards of Play Emphasis” and stated that the games so far appear to be running smoothly. He added that SCAHA will continue to track the penalties and asked if there was any issues or concerns regarding penalties in the first weekend of regular season play. Wendy Goldstein informed the board she received an email from Annie Fisher, SCAHA Statistician informing her of 4 match penalties and a total of 262 game suspensions to date. This includes the preseason weekends of play as well as the first regular season weekend of play. These penalties reflect coach suspensions, player suspensions, 5 penalties in a game player suspensions, etc. Bob Doherty stated that all in all it appears that the penalties have begun to subside, as he has not received any emails regarding penalties after the first weekend of regular season play.


Bob Doherty informed the board the bids for the SCAHA Select Camp would be sent out to all the rinks. He reported that SCAHA has been in communication with the two rinks that hosted it last year. If SCAHA does not receive bids in a timely fashion from other rinks they will proceed in negotiating with last year’s hosts. LeAnn Doherty and Tim Fahringer will again chair the Select Camps. Bob Doherty reiterated that SCAHA needs volunteers for the Select camp for on-ice and off-ice coaches.


Bob Doherty informed the board Tony Romo has graciously accepted to chair the SCAHA Playoff committee again this season. Bob Doherty reiterated the need for volunteers for all venues. Home clubs at host venues will be expected to work the venue.


Bob Doherty reported to the board of an idea that was proposed regarding having a SCAHA/Presidents’ Night. He asked the board if they might be interested in this and for their feedback.


Bob Doherty opened for discussion the tryout dates for next season and subsequent years. CAHA has changed the tryout dates to start on May 15th and the leagues have the jurisdiction to decide on the exact dates for the Tier I, Tier II and A/B levels. He reiterated that the presidents should be reviewing and voting on dates that will be used for subsequent years. Laura Ryan motioned to accept the following tryout dates for the 2007-2008 season and Joe Conrad seconded. The Tier I Tryouts to start the first weekend of June, the Tier II tryouts to start the second weekend in June and the A/B tryouts to start the fourth weekend in June. For the 2007-2008 season this translates to Tier I (June 1st), Tier II (June 8th) and A/B (June 22nd). 15 voted in favor and 5 opposed. MOTION CARRIED.


Bob Doherty reported the Champs program was started with the intent that it would not incur a cost to SCAHA. At the time SCAHA estimated that 600 - 700 players would participate and the Kings and the Ducks generously agreed to sponsor this program for us. The good news is the program has grown beyond our expectations and presently we have 1,100 players participating in the program. Unfortunately, SCAHA does not have any additional money allocated to accommodate this growth. Larri Woertler motioned to allocate $5,000 from the budget to the Champs program and Tom West seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Bob Doherty stated to the board that a Division meeting was held to determine the viability of certain teams’ in certain divisions. A few teams were contacted and were urged to move. Bob Doherty stated that he would like to see this committee formed every year and to have volunteers on it beside members of the SCAHA Executive committee. In addition, this process next year will be quicker and the teams will be notified of their move requirement earlier.



Chris Carcerano reported on the status of the SCAHA Guidebook. SCAHA has just received the new playoff tiebreaker rules from CAHA. SCAHA will update the guidebook and upload the new playoff rules. Tony Romo will then incorporate them into the SCAHA playoff package.


Chris Carcerano reported that there was already one disciplinary hearing held and the next one is scheduled for October 25th.



Chris Carcerano introduced James Cefaly of the LA Kings Fan Development Department. James Cefaly distributed a packet to all of the presidents containing the various fundraising programs available at the Kings. He informed the board that the Kings included in each package 4-5 tickets each for the upcoming Thursday and Saturday games for their use. He explained the various activities, pre-game skate, intermission skates and post game skates. The proceeds from the program sales are divided equally amongst the team selling the programs and the Kings’ Care Foundation Charity. And finally, James Cefaly informed the board of their new season holder donation program where they allow their season ticket holders to donate their tickets that they are not using back to the Kings who in turn are donating them all to SCAHA.



Wendy Goldstein asked the presidents if they were clear on the CAHA screening policy and its requirements. She reiterated that only coaches who are new to coaching (has never coached before) are permitted to coach provided they have submitted the screening requirements. All other coaches whether they are new to a particular team or not must submit their screening requirement and wait for their name to appear on the CAHA compliance list before they will be permitted to coach.


She informed the board she received the balance of the signed player-ups and will distribute them today.



Chris Carcerano asked the presidents to look over the schedule in particular week #7 and to contact him by tomorrow if there are any issues and/or problems. Chris Carcerano reported that he has received complaints regarding the schedule not being balanced at the team level. He stated the schedule is balanced at the club level. He explained that balancing the schedule at the team level is difficult and advised the presidents that he will not be balancing the schedule for teams whose home – away differential is less than or equal to 4. He added he would be focusing on trying to balance the schedule for those teams whose differential is greater than four. In particular there are six (6) teams whose differential is greater than 4. They are the SQB Wild, the PWA Stars, the PWB Mariners, the BNB Wild, the Lightning MDA16U and the Wildcats MDA18U.


And finally, Chris summarized the games that have yet to be scheduled as a result of the Girls’ Blackout weekends, week #10 and week #16. He still has about two games from week #10 and 8 games from week #16 to reschedule. He asked the presidents if they have extra ice, etc., to please contact him as soon as possible.



Wendy Goldstein reported on behalf of Annie Fisher that not all of the teams are submitting their game summary reports. All teams whether they are home or away must submit their game summary reports. This includes Tier II teams as well.



Bob Driffill distributed the financials dated August 30, 2006 to the board. He stated the $2,700 loss in retained earnings represents the balance of the player fees not yet collected. Bob informed the board that he has yet to receive the player fees for the following clubs, the Jaguars, the Eagles, the Maple leafs and the Mariners. And finally, presidents are urged to contact Bob Driffill should they have any questions and or concerns.



No report at this time.



Bob Doherty congratulated Larry Bruyere on his appointment as the Pacific District Coach-in-Chief. Larry Bruyere reported that USA Hockey has just completed some new instructional videos that are very good. There will be discount coupons available for these videos. These new videos talk about the new standard of play emphasis but deal mostly with skills development- old style vs. new style. Orders may be placed online on at this time and as soon as the videos are available they will be shipped.


Larry Bruyere outlined the student-coaching requirement. They must complete the form available with the Cybersport program and must attend an initiation coaching certification class. Larry Bruyere stated that the students are strongly urged to attend a class even though they will not get a coaching card.



Jason Galea distributed a research study consent form for research he is conducting for his dissertation in his fulfillment of obtaining a Doctorate degree in psychology. The research is aimed at Bantam and Midget aged hockey players and focuses on their hockey relationship with their coaches and parents.



CAHA Membership Renewal:

Rosemary Voulelikas reminded the presidents that the CAHA Membership Renewal forms and payment are due to CAHA’s Director of member Services, Jill Miller by October 31, 2006.



LeAnn Doherty passed out the patches for the Champs program for all to see. She stated she would be sending the order forms for the tickets to each of the clubs’ Champ coordinator. The games are in December- the 20th for the Ducks game and the 19th for the Kings game.


CAHA Select:

LeAnn Doherty stated she is working on the registration forms and they will be available shortly on SCAHA’s web site. The cost per player is $100. The bids will go out shortly to all the rinks as stated by Bob Doherty earlier in the meeting. LeAnn Doherty informed the board that SCAHA will be paying for the jerseys this year. Tim Fahringer stated they would need about 4-5 independent evaluators per time slot and there will be about 9 time slots. This represents roughly 45 evaluators for each rink. The camp will also need youth players to shoot on goalies. Bob Doherty confirmed that CAHA would not be doing the Chicago Showcase team this year.


Next meeting is November 8th, 2006.


Motion to adjourn by Lisa England and seconded by Larri Woertler. MOTION PASSED.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM.