November 10, 2010




Bob Doherty (Commissioner), Sandy Blumberg (Deputy Commissioner), Wendy Goldstein (Member Services), Rosemary Voulelikas (Secretary), John Silberstein (Parliamentarian), Chris Carcerano (Ice Convener), Nancy Hodge (A.C.E. Coordinator) and Kevin Culbertson (Director-at-Large).











Anaheim Jr. Ducks



Los Angeles Jr. Kings



Anaheim Wildcats



LA Hockey Club



California Wave



OC Hockey Club



Bakersfield Dragons



Ontario Eagles



Bay Har. Red Wings



Pasadena Maple Leafs



Beach City Lightning



San Diego Gulls



CA Golden Bears



San Diego Ice Arena



California Stars



San Diego Saints



Channel Islds. Riptide



Valencia Express



Jr. Reign



Vent. Mariners/Titans



La Jolla Jaguars



W. Valley Wolves/Heat



Hillary Hodding – LA Kings Fan Development

Norm Kitano – LAHOA President

Danny Condon – SDHRA Representative


Bob Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.



Chris Carcerano stated that the following items as discussed at the October meeting need to be added to the October 13, 2010 minutes:

1~ Chris Carcerano stated that SCAHA should form a committee to review the impact the CAHA Weekends are having on the SCAHA schedule and to formulate recommendations to submit to CAHA on how the impact may be minimized.

2~ Chris Carcerano reiterated the importance on the club presidents in reviewing the draft schedule and to send their input before the schedule is released. Requests for changes after the schedule has been released become very difficult to implement.

3~ Chris Carcerano clarified that the blackout weekends are holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Presidents’ Day), SCAHA Select Camp for certain divisions and CAHA Weekends for both Youth and Girls’ teams.

4~ And finally, Chris Carcerano stated that the SCAHA playoff entry fees will be increased for this upcoming season 2010-2011.

Mike Kettlecamp motioned to approve the minutes of the October 13, 2010 board of Director’s meeting as amended above.                                                

(motion SECONDED and PASSED)



Guest Speaker

Hillary Hodding, LA Kings Fan Development distributed a flyer. She reminded the board of the Kings’ fundraising programs in particular the LA Kings Season Seat Youth Hockey offer. The deadline to purchase season seat tickets and earn $500 per seat for your youth team is the end of November 2010.  In addition, Hillary Hodding informed the board of the LA Kings Skills Competitions for Fastest Skater-Hardest Shot and Accuracy of Shot. The events are held at various rinks and the finals are held at Staples Center in early January.


Commissioner’s Report

Bob Doherty stated that SCAHA Night at Staples Center was a great time. They invited 5 CHAMPS participants to attend.


Bob Doherty informed the board that USA Hockey Rule 306 regarding the Blue puck for Mites has been in effect for a few years. All Mite teams in practice and in games must use the blue puck, no exceptions. Violations of an USA Hockey rule will lead to a disciplinary hearing. Squirt teams playing Mites in exhibition games must use the blue puck.


Bob reported that the first Mite Subcommittee meeting will be sometime in late January. Louis Soltero, James Gasseau, Rosemary Voulelikas and OC Hockey have volunteered to be on the subcommittee. Bob Doherty will mediate the subcommittee. It is open to everyone. The goal of the subcommittee is to come up with recommendations to the SCAHA board and the SCAHA board to vote on it. If interested, please send an email to Bob by December 1, 2010. SCAHA is receiving a lot of pressure from USA Hockey and CAHA to implement the ADM in our league for Mites.


Bob Doherty informed the board that we have had a lot of AAA16 and BN AAA players requesting waivers from attending the SCAHA Camp because of tournaments, games, etc. SCAHA does not issue waivers. Documentation for medical and out of state waivers is given to CAHA for disposition. The next Youth Council meeting is next Friday night. If you have any items please send to Bob.


John Silberstein spoke about the new Coaching Code of Ethics. It is located on page 138 (D) of the USA Hockey Annual Handbook. It is an extremely comprehensive document. Coaches are now responsible for ethical violations involving discrimination, sexual harassment, hazing, bullying, personal conflicts and problems, misuse of influence, etc. The clubs are responsible to investigate allegations under this form and to report on their findings. John Silberstein stated that we will be developing forms for clubs to use after the first of the year and it will be available on the web site. John stated that a signature page will be created as well as an investigation reporting form. Questions arose on how to implement this document for this current season. Sandy Blumberg stated for next season that this will be a multi-faceted process with the first step being to modify the SCAHA LOI for coaches and the second step is to come up with a document to report an allegation similar to the MAHA Reporting form.


Deputy Commissioner’s Report

Sandy Blumberg stated that parent/spectator ejections and match penalties are on the rise. All of the current hearings for next weekend are for spectator ejections. Sandy reported there are many game misconducts and what this means is that the penalty minute threshold will invariably go up as well. SCAHA’s recommendation is that each manager of each team keeps track of their penalty minutes. If they have not done so they need to start. This will give the team a head’s up with regards to the penalty minute threshold. Sandy Blumberg stated that we have been having score sheet issues. Some of the problems have to deal with the actual score keepers knowledge of score keeping and others have to do with teams not complying with following the rules, such as score sheet labels, crossing out names, etc.


Sandy Blumberg stated that she will be attending the LAHOA meeting on the 16th of November. She is bringing a set of score sheets for the referees to review and will question officials as to why they signed off on certain score sheets. SCAHA will be reworking the online score sheet summary form. They will be revamping the questions concerning the officials to include items such as whether the game was a safe environment, approachability and professionalism of the officials and whether or not the officials were punctual.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board that SCAHA will be automating the score sheet summaries to upload automatically which means the scores of the games will be posted on the web site. Some of the long term plans that Chris Carcerano has been working on is full automation for next year.



Sandy Blumberg reported on behalf of Norm Kitano who is absent. The last officials’ certification seminar will be on November 20 in Ontario, CA.


Danny Condon reported on behalf of SDHRA. This year they have 108 registered members of which 32 are new to SDHRA. So far 77 members have completed the process of registration and the 30th of November is the deadline. SDHRA has its own deadline of Nov. 15 and if registration is incomplete then those officials are removed from the schedule. Of the 77 members registered about 75% of these officials have level 1 and level 2 certification. They have monthly meetings, do trainings and review performances. And finally, their meeting attendance is up this year and their main goal is to provide the best product to the league.


Bob Doherty informed the board that Turi Daniels retired as the USA Hockey Pacific District Associate Registrar for California and that Wendy Goldstein and Vada Burrow from Norcal will be sharing the position.


Staff Reports

Member Services – Wendy Goldstein has extra LOI’s for anyone that needs them. There are still some clubs who have yet to submit their player fees; Dragons, Wave, Express, Bears, Red Wings and Stars. Player fees are calculated based on the number of players in the club times $30 each. At the time of final rosters Wendy will send the accurate final amount owed by all the clubs.


Statistician – Nancy Hodge reported on behalf of Annie Fisher who is absent. Nancy Hodge stated that Annie Fisher sent out the preseason penalty minutes to the club presidents. She would like for the team managers to keep track of the penalty minutes while the automated process is being worked on. In addition, both the home and away teams are responsible for submitting the online summaries. Nancy Hodge stated that she as the Tier II CAHA Commissioner is still having problems with some of the teams performing this task. A lot of the away teams do not think they need to submit. And finally, both teams must include the game misconducts of both teams on the game summaries.


Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano informed the board that there are some minor changes to the schedule that he has to do that have to do with some doubling up of games. Rule 26.04 states that clubs are supposed to submit their ice costs before the season starts. To date Chris has only received the information from 10 clubs. Please send the information a.s.a.p. There have been requests regarding rescheduling because of the Super Bowl weekend. There will be no rescheduling because of the Super Bowl. Chris stated that on occasion you will see a A/B rescheduling notice. This is because the rink has taken back the ice from the club for different reasons. Reminder; please have your Squirt B teams check the Mite A schedule to see when their exhibition games are. It is too confusing to implement these exhibitions games into the SQ B schedule.


Chris Carcerano stated that he is forming a committee to review the CAHA Weekends. The goal of the committee is to see if we can reduce the impact of the CAHA Weekends on the A/B SCAHA schedule. It is open to all; however Chris would like the committee to be made up of members who have a good understanding of the CAHA and SCAHA schedule.


Chris Carcerano reiterated that the playoff fee will be increased this year for the first time in 3 years. The exact amount has not yet been determined. The top 8 teams of each division will be advancing to the SCAHA playoffs except for the Mite A division where all 3 will be advancing to the playoffs. Chris stated that he will be sending out a SCAHA Playoff Bid packet to all of the presidents and encourages rinks and clubs to bid.


And finally, Chris stated that for the SCAHA Select camp this year, SCAHA will be giving out certain giveaways to the coaches who are volunteering their time.

SCAHA is looking at coach’s jackets, or coach’s bags, etc. as possible giveaways for the coaches. They will be compensating some of the gas expense as well.


Chris added that at the Tier II the away team requesting the reschedule has to pay as per the rule. SCAHA will be sending the invoice to the clubs. The rescheduling at the Tier II is not automatic. Notification still must be sent to the league.


Treasurer’s Report

Bob Driffill distributed the financials dated October 31, 2010 to the board. Bob Doherty has asked Bob Driffill to review the securities account. We have made $3 in interest and Bob Doherty feels that it is time to look at this. Bob Driffill stated that if there are any questions or concerns to email him.


Director-at-Large Report

Kevin Culbertson reported that of the 143 applicants received for the financial scholarship assistance program, 102 were awarded amounts. Kevin Culbertson stated that represents about 71% awarded. Of those that did not get approved it was due to insufficient documentation submitted. Bridget Hopkinson asked if the entire allotted amount was awarded. Kevin Culbertson stated that $25,750.00 was awarded.


Parliamentarian Report

John Silberstein stated that many of the teams have implemented the locker room attendant policy. He is asking the club presidents to make sure that all of their teams are doing this.


A.C.E. Coaching Coordinator Report

Nancy Hodge informed the board that we are going to use the old CAHA score sheets

for the CAHA weekends. For those of you hosting, please make sure to pick up a

packet. Nancy Hodge stated that they may be having another coach’s clinic level 1-3

during Thanksgiving weekend at Lakewood.


New Business

Bob Doherty stated that they do not have any more CHAMPS patches left to distribute.

He asked the club presidents to be patient while they wait for the patches to come.


Bridget Hopkinson motioned to not have the December SCAHA Board of Directors

meeting.                                                                      (motion SECONDED and PASSED)



Meeting was adjourned at 8:23 pm.