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SCAHA Scholastic Financial Assistance Award
Congrats to the winners
Published On : Sep 05 2020 07:29 PM
SCAHA would like to congratulate the recipients of the SCAHA  Scholastic Financial Assistance Award.  
Both players have been dedicated members of our SCAHA family over many years.   We wish you well in your next ventures into higher education. 

Gabriel Aburto 
Club Affiliations: CA Wave, CA Wave, OCHC
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Attending: University of Anchorage Alaska

Luc Ghantous 
Club Affiliations: Maple Leafs, OCHC, Maple Leafs
Major: Kinesiology
Attending: Cal State Northridge

CAHA Tier 1/Tier 2 Announcement
AAA/AA season info
Published On : Jul 20 2020 02:37 PM
This letter shall serve to provide all members an update regarding changes impacting the upcoming 2020-2021 season that were enacted by the CAHA Board during the July 18 Special Meeting;

2020-2021 Tryout Dates

As a result of recent updates with respect to governmental restrictions on youth sports activities, CAHA is pushing the CAHA permitted tryout calendar for on-ice tryouts as follows;
- Tier 1 not earlier than 10/1
- Tier 2 not earlier than 10/5
- A / BB / B / HS not earlier than 10/8

2020-2021 Tier 1 Team Formation / Rostering

For Tier 1 only (due to the fact that Tier 1 teams play a majority of the season?s games outside of CAHA League play), starting Friday, July 24, 2020, CAHA approved Tier 1 teams may roster players without a physical on-ice tryout subject to the following stipulations;
- Player/Coach rostering is subject to ALL normal USA Hockey rules/requirements/restrictions.
- Clubs/Teams may NOT issue player contracts or otherwise bind player financially to a rostering team until after such time that physical on-ice tryouts are permitted to be held.
- Clubs/Teams may not CUT a player once rostered.
- Players may choose to DROP for any reason without penalty up until actual on-ice tryouts are permitted to be held, at which time any rostered Tier 1 player must choose to enter into their Club/Team?s player contract or elect to drop.
- Players may NOT participate with any other Club/Team once they have been rostered, however should they wish to DROP from one Tier 1 team to join a different Tier 1 team they may do so up until such time that actual on-ice tryouts and player contracts can be issued, by simply providing notice to their team manager of their request to DROP.

2020-2021 Tier 2 Season Format

Due to the number of Tier 2 teams and the continued postponement by the State with respect to youth sports competition, coupled with the already noticed Tier 2 tryout dates, CAHA will not be scheduling the usual CAHA Tier 2 Weekends, but rather Tier 2 games this season will be scheduled by their respective Leagues (NORCAL/SCAHA) at such time the State permits youth sports competition. CAHA Tier 2 State Championships will differ this year only, from the normal (4) team/division format, to a six (6) team/division format (2-NORCAL/4-SCAHA) with the teams selected by their respective League to advance.


Thomas Hancock
CAHA President

2020-21 Tryout Date Update
Message from SCAHA
Published On : Jul 15 2020 06:22 PM
SCAHA Families,

Last night, SCAHA voted to move tryouts to early October with the goal of giving every club and facility the chance to hold some form of tryouts to build teams while meeting state mandates.  

Here are our target dates:

Oct 1 - AAA and AA
Oct 8 - A/BB/B

Thanks and Stay Safe,

SCAHA Executive Committee
SCAHA Club Presidents
SCAHA Support Staff and Affiliates
LAHOA Staff and Officials

USA Hockey Virtual Coaching Clinics and Temporary
Coaches get the info now
Published On : Jun 07 2020 06:22 PM

View this message on our website.
USA Hockey
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June 3, 2020

On behalf of USA Hockey, we hope that your family is healthy and safe! As states begin to open, we look forward to the day we are all back on the ice!

With the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken a hard look at how we will be delivering USA Hockey?s Coaching Education Program, realizing the possibility that in person clinics this season may be different based upon social gathering criteria set by each state.

That being said, we are excited to be moving forward with online virtual clinics starting immediately. We will begin posting these clinics this week!

You can register for a virtual clinic just like you have done in the past at: usahockey.com/coachingclinics

As stated above our goal is to have in-person clinics as soon as they are allowed and safe for all participants.

We understand that these are very different, challenging and uncertain times for everyone. So this season, we will offer a Temporary Card for all coaches that may feel this is the best option for them during this pandemic. The Temporary Card will allow each coach to have the proper level of certification for the 2020-21 season without attending a clinic. This option will be offered through June 30, 2020.

Please click here to register for the Temporary Card online or download the form that you will need to complete and submit to the USA Hockey national office. Additionally, if you do opt for the Temporary Card, you will be able to sit in on any USA Hockey coaching clinic/webinar this season if your circumstances change for no additional charge.

This is a great time to get the following accomplished before the season begins:

We appreciate all that you do for hockey and the players you coach! Stay healthy and safe. We will all get through this together.

Yours in hockey,

USA Hockey?s Coaching Education Program

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CAHA Message Regarding Tryouts
More Information to be determined later.
Published On : May 15 2020 03:50 AM
To: All CAHA Member Associations

Re: CAHA Permitted Tryout Dates Postponement


This letter shall serve as notice that as a result of the ongoing State/County/City COVID-19 restrictions, the CAHA Board of Directors convened a Special Meeting to discuss a variety of options with respect to CAHA established 2020-2021 tryout dates. Said discussion not only pertained to rescheduling or postponement of tryouts, but also various possible options to allow player signing team/formation in lieu of actual tryouts, during this uncertain time. Ultimately, and in conjunction with the State?s projected ?4 Stages? of phasing lifting of shelter in place restrictions, it was the Board?s decision to postpone allowing tryouts until the conclusion of USA Hockey?s Annual Congress (June 12-14) and the anticipated issuance of instructions from USA Hockey relative to the upcoming 2020-2021 season and COVID-19.

On the Tuesday following USA Hockey?s National Congress (June 16), CAHA will again convene a Special Meeting to re-evaluate both USA Hockey?s direction, and the State?s updated projections with respect to State restrictions affecting youth sports, in order to make a more informed and realistic decision regarding establishment of possible new tryout dates, and/or player signing team/formation options.

It is the Board?s utmost desire to establish new dates to permit tryouts to be held as early as feasible, but feel it important that those dates be set realistically for a date that is reasonably expected to be permitted by State guidelines and the lifting of restrictions Statewide, accordingly an update will be issued shortly after the June 16th Special Meeting.

Thomas Hancock

2020 SCAHA Scholastic Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance Program Details
Published On : May 06 2020 10:02 PM
The 2020SCAHA Financial Assistance form is now available. Please download (click here) and read the instructions in the document carefully, provide all of the requested information, and submit the application by the deadline.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Monica Gordon at  scahasocialmedia@gmail.com

2020-2021 SCAHA Registration is Open
Requires a 2021 USA Hockey Member Number
Published On : Apr 30 2020 07:25 PM
Dear SCAHA Membership,  

The 2020-21 Register for SCAHA option is now open.  The registration process will remain the same as before where each individual participating will have to provide a USA Hockey membership number for 2020-21 Season.  If you have any issues with the registration process please email Rob Foster at lahockeyfan2@yahoo.com and allow for 48 hours for response.

As a reminder you will need to register on SCAHA.com before you can attend tryouts.  



2019-2020 SCAHA Semi-Finals/Finals Status
Corona virus and semi finals and finals
Published On : Mar 13 2020 04:34 AM
To all Hockey Families, 

SCAHA has, this evening, after careful consideration, unanimously decided to call a halt to the Semi Final and Championship Series play this coming weekend. We have cancelled the remaining balance of post season play for all A/BB/B levels of Youth Hockey this coming Mar 14 - Mar 15. 

After a risk assessment regarding preventative measures to manage the spread of COVID-19, we determined that there is only one guaranteed way to help stop the spread and that is to not host the remaining weekend of play. We considered the options of splitting the event across several facilities and/or relegating spectators to a mere few people however, in light of the WHO recommendation for social distancing we determined that neither of those options met the WHO recommendation.

When we look at it through this lens, our only way to guarantee not contributing to the spread is to halt play and cancel the remainder of the playoffs here in SCAHA. Nothing we do is worth the risk of perpetuating the spread of the virus. 

Canceling the remainder of post season play is, clearly, the right thing to do and in doing so we are acting as responsible civic leaders. We have no doubt that everyone in our hockey community will agree and support this decision. 

Finally, we did discuss postponing for two weeks vs. cancelling, but we, as a Board, do not want to mislead anyone with hopes that restrictions may be lifted in time to salvage remaining games. The season is complete as of April 1 which leaves a little over 2 weeks - rescheduling is clearly not feasible.  

We will be notifying the impacted facilities and organizations to make sure we wind things down correctly.

Good luck to all, stay safe, and see you all at the rink for next season.


The Entire SCAHA Board 

©SCAHA 2019