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SCAHA College Scholarship Award
Congratulations to our Winners
Published On : Jun 28 2024 12:31 AM
At the end of every season SCAHA hands out 2 college scolarship awards to be used for college tuition, books, and housing.  

Congratulations to our winners for the 2023-2024 season:

Derreck Garcia
California Wave 18AA
Attending College: Northern Arizona University
Major: Undeclared

Ethan Han
Empire Hockey Club 18AA
Attending College: Loyola Marymount University
Major: Engineering

We look forward to seeing you continue your dreams.



Creating Accounts/Registration Fixed
Published On : Jun 21 2024 09:00 PM
The issue with creating accounts and registering for SCAHA have been fixed.

Thanks for your patience.


2023-2024 Hat Trick, Playmaker, and Shutout Patche
Update account Info
Published On : May 16 2024 08:13 PM
Dear membership, we are in the process of generating patches for hat tricks, playmakers, and shutout patches.  We have ordered the patches and anticipate the patches will be sent out within the next 60 days.

Please make sure to update your account to your current address to receive the patches this season.  Due to a limited supply of patches we will not have enough to replace any which are not received.

To update your address, login to the site, select manage profile and update your address information.


SCAHA Staff  

SCAHA Scholar Athlete Scholarship
College Education Scholarship
Published On : May 08 2024 02:25 AM
Calling all college students that have participated in SCAHA .  

SCAHA has 2 scholarships to give away to scholar athletes that have participated in SCAHA within the last 3 years. 

To find out more and apply download the application here.



2024 Tryout Dates
First Available Tryout Dates
Published On : Apr 01 2024 08:51 PM
The 2024 tryouts for each level can start on and after the dates as follows:

Tier I - May31st
Tier II - June 7th
A/BB/B - June 14th

Clubs are eligible to hold tryouts for each of the skill levels on or after the dates listed above.

2023-2024 CAHA State Champions
Winners by Division
Published On : Mar 26 2024 04:03 PM
Congratulations to the Southern California Teams winning California State Championships

14AAA - Jr Ducks
15AAA - Jr Kings
16AAA - Jr Kings
18AAA - Jr Ducks

12AA - Bears(2)
14AA - Jr Kings
16AA - Empire
18AA - Jr Ducks

10A - Goldrush (1)
10BB - Maple Leafs
10B - Lady Ducks
12A - Jr Ducks (2)
12BB - Avalanche (2)
12B -  Ice Hawks
14A - Jr Ducks (2)

2023-2024 SCAHA Champions
Winners by Division
Published On : Mar 18 2024 03:03 PM
Congratulations to the SCAHA Champions for 2023-2024

10UA - Goldrush (1)
10UBB - Maple Leafs
10UB - Lady Ducks
10UB Flight II - Flyers(2)
12UA -Jr Ducks (2)
12UBB - Avalanche (1)
12UB -Ice Hawks
14UA -SDIA (1)
14UB - Flyers
16UA - OC Hockey

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