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Welcome to the 2021-2022 manager tools page. We will regularly post information here to provide you the support you need in conducting a successful campaign. See below on the page for info on SCAHA Games, Tournaments, Tournament Games, and Exhibition Games.

Here is a link to a video recording from one of the Manager Meeting sessions with helpful tips on navigating around the scaha manager portal.  You will need the following passcode:  4dkTRD6@

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Here is a link to the Managers Meeting Presentation.

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Rules To Remember

Spectator Ejection -The spectator will be ejected and shall leave the rink property and shall not be allowed re-entry to the property for a minimum of 3 hours. The club will be fined $250 per ejection. The spectator will be suspended from any USA hockey event for 30 days.

411 Progressive Suspensions - Players receiving a third major penalty in a season will receive an additional 3 game suspension. (See rulebook or manager meeting presentation for list of major penalties). Players receiving a fourth major penalty in a season will receive an additional 5 game suspension. Player receiving a 5th major penalty in a season will be suspended until a hearing with the SCAHA Deputy Commissioner.

Exhibition Games

The following steps are needed for exhibition games:

Before the Game is played.

  • Secure Referees by emailing Scrimmage@lahoa.com
  • Add Exhibition Game on the Managers Portal page.
  • Record game on a scoresheet.

After the Game is played.

  • upload the scoresheet to the game on manager portal page.


The following steps are needed for tournaments:

Before the Tournament starts.

  • Add the Tournament from the Managers Portal page.
  • Add the Tournament Game(s) to the Managers Portal page.

Tournament Games

The following steps are needed for tournament games:

Before/During the Game is played.

  • Record game on a scoresheet.

After the Game is played.

  • Acquire a copy of the scoresheet.
  • upload the scoresheet to the game on manager portal page.


The following steps are needed for SCAHA games:

Before the Game is played.

  • Make sure the Jersey Number of the players are updated in the Manager Portal
  • Assign coaches to the game if you have more than 4 coaches.
  • Print scoresheet for the game
  • On Game Day both managers will need to have their participating coaches sign the scoresheet.
  • Make sure you cross off all players and coaches not participating in the game on all 3 scoresheets.

After the Game is played.

  • upload the scoresheet to the game on manager portal page.
  • each team enters the details from the scoresheet on the game entry sheet on SCAHA for their teams stats.

Download a blank scoresheet for exhibition games. Download.

For Scorekeepers - link to referee signals

8U Manager Tools



Purpose of 8U hockey - To provide a fun, safe environment for all players involved while maximizing playing time and development, keeping in mind that the key factor to grow long term hockey players is fun. This is a NO Score-Keeping League with NO Stats to ensure that coaches, families and players focus on the big picture of learning, growth and fun. The adults involved (referees, coaches, managers and parents) are responsible to create and uphold a positive culture that instills fair play, sportsmanship and always puts the player first.


USA Hockey Recommendations for 8U

·         Roster size 9 -12 skaters, no full-time goalies, equal playing time.

·         SCAHA does not have minimum or maximum roster size (must have enough players to play).


8U A, B and C (Gretzky Division)

·         Participate in 12 Jamboree Events (Sept. 2021 - March 2022) 13th season ending tournament.

·         Half ice games, 4 teams per Jamboree.



·         Teams should be prepared to play at all SCAHA club locations.

·         All games will be pre-determined and posted on the SCAHA's website, host teams will be highlighted on website.

Jamboree Events

·       Lead Host Team Manager will need to print the Sign in Sheet from their Manager Portal in the SCAHA website. 

●      Team Managers need to locate Host Team Managers. 

o Cross off players/coaches that are not participating. 

●      Fines/Suspensions will be issued for games played with players/coaches who are not eligible to play. 

●      Following the event, Lead Host Manager must upload the sign in sheet by 10pm the following Monday

Game Format:

·         Each game is 24 minutes running time.

·         Buzzer every 90 seconds of play for player changes.

·         There will be one, three (3) minute warm up for all teams, prior to the start of the first game. 

·         After each game, clock is set for 2-minute transition time, teams shake hands and immediately report to their next game bench destination to start up play as soon as possible.

·         All games are 4v4 with a goalie.

·         All games use blue pucks.

·         Intermediate (48 x 36) ADM nets are required.

Permitted on Ice Personnel

·         Referees assigned by LAHOA.

·         ALL on ice rostered coaches MUST be wearing a helmet secured with chin strap and wearing skates.

·         If there is only one coach for a team and the coach does not have proper equipment, the team should be moved to the nearest player's bench so the coach can stand and interact with his/her team, while not on the ice.

Penalties: USA Hockey states at the 8U level players need to begin to understand the following:

·         Acceptable On-Ice Conduct ? Acceptable conduct should be taught and reinforced. Unsportsmanlike conduct is the broad term covering this topic, but acceptable conduct should relate to teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, etc. This is the beginning of teaching players to be good sports and to respect everyone involved with the game.

·         Allowable Contact with Opponents ? Players should learn what types of physical contact are allowed with an opponent. Players should learn the importance of having their stick on the ice in puck battles, so that good body-contact habits are established early. The players should also begin to learn the types of physical contact that are not allowed, such as body checking, checking from behind, slashing, tripping, etc. While these young players are not at an age where they should be lectured as to the types of illegal contact, they should be made aware when they have made contact in a way that violates the rules.


Two Types of penalties will be called:

·         Dangerous plays: Defined as any play that endangers that safety of another player. At 8U level collisions will happen but any major stick infractions or dangerous body contact as stated above should be called.

·         In the clear scoring chances: Defined by any player in the clear attempting to attack the other net for a breakaway and is tripped or hooked down or purposely impeded, a penalty is called. In the clear scoring chances are when a penalty is called, players go to their benches and puck is put at center ice for a penalty shot with the goalie (if the buzzer rings during this process, let the player complete the penalty shot). This process should be done quickly to not waste time.

Major Penalty: If a major penalty occurs the player is removed from the jamboree and referee writes in the infraction on the sign in sheet. A major penalty is determined by SCAHA referee guidelines.

Faceoffs: Face-offs occur at center ice, as follows:

·         After a goal is scored.

·         After a penalty shot.


The face-offs should be done immediately when a minimum of 1 player from each team lines up for the faceoff - referees don't need to wait for all players to get there.


Line Changes: There should not be clear scoring opportunities following line changes, pucks should be pushed wide or to ?quiet? areas to create 50/50 battles.

On puck out of play: Referees should have extra puck in their pocket to put in nearest corner of play. If referee does not have extra puck, they will retrieve puck and put puck into play at nearest corner to create 50/50 battle.

On goalie covers: Referees must command offensive team to back off from goalie so referee can get puck from goalie. Referee will play puck to nearest corner to create 50/50 battle.

Locker Rooms

·         In many rink locations teams will be asked to share locker rooms.

·         At 8U depending on your club policy, parents can be in the locker room to help their child get dressed, please ensure that all members of your club abide by USA Hockey's safesport locker room guidelines.

·         For the protection of all our players, a NO CELL PHONE POLICY in the locker room must be followed.

Download the 8U SCAHA Guidelines to share with parents.

Jamboree Format

Download the 8U Jamboree Format.

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